About me:

I am a mother, wife, adventurer, traveler, photographer, and painter. I am lucky to be married to Jon; my best friend, fellow photographer, and adventurer in many things, not the least of which is raising our daughter and keeping the peace amongst our three cats. I have a BFA from Austin Peay State University and currently work as a photographer in Nashville. I have an immense love for travel and enjoy those unadulterated places in nature John Muir would have called "God's first temples".

About the work:

Photography is my means of capturing some tiny fraction of a place as it feels for that one moment in time. They are only photographs, but photographs of something as it was just so, arranged perfectly by the light and the wind and snow and time and then gone and on to another time and another moment. 

My paintings are abstract interpretations of colors, light, and motion found in nature. Often they are inspired by ocean creatures such as squid or jellyfish that display such an incredible array of colors and luminosity floating through space. The paintings are created by building layers of iridescent pigments, acrylic paint, and clear gloss medium. This creates a shimmering depth that light can penetrate shifting the colors and shadows within the work to create the illusion of movement as that light changes.